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Ytong was created by the Swedish engineer and inventor Axel Eriksson in the 1920s. Eriksson had been investigating the possibilities of aerated concrete in the construction industry and eventually developed the Ytong system.

The name Ytong, which derives from the Swedish words for air (Luft) and stone (Sten) reflects the product’s main features – a porous aerated concrete that is strong enough to be used as a load-bearing structure.

Today, Ytong is produced in many countries around the world and has become a popular building material known for its efficiency and versatility in construction.

Ytong block is made from a mixture of cement, lime, water, and sand, and is produced through a process that involves injecting air into the mixture before casting it into molds.

This process of aerating the mixture produces a block that is lightweight and has high thermal insulation properties, which allows it to provide excellent insulation against temperature changes in the surrounding environment.

Excellent Insulation

One of the key benefits of Ytong blocks is their ability to provide excellent insulation properties. The aerated concrete makes the blocks lightweight and provides an impressive heat insulation, keeping the building well-insulated in both hot and cold weather. This reduction in temperature fluctuations mean a significant cut in heating and cooling costs.

Energy Savings

As a result of the excellent insulation provided by Ytong blocks, the need for artificial heating and cooling is reduced. This leads to significant energy-saving benefits. Energy-efficient constructions earn the highest certification grades, a key for sustainability and meeting regulatory requirements.

Noise Reduction

Ytong blocks are great at reducing noise pollution, making them perfect for use in urban areas with lots of traffic. They are very good at absorbing sound waves, minimizing noise in the environments where they are used.

Fast Construction

The lightweight nature of Ytong blocks makes them easy to handle, easy to move and cut which makes for quick on-site construction. The material does not require on-site mixing of construction materials which helps in fast-tracked completion of the construction phase.

Fire Resistance

Ytong blocks are capable of withstanding high temperatures and are fireproof. Which means in the event of any fire outbreak in the building made from Ytong, the fire-resistance capabilities of the Ytong block makes the building impervious to any significant damage.

Environmentally Friendly

The manufacturing process of Ytong blocks, as well as their properties, make them environmentally friendly. The lightweight and insulating design will reduce the environmental footprint of your building, while the production doesn’t use hazardous forms such as the production of bricks or cement.

These are just a few of the countless reasons why you should consider building with Ytong blocks – it is a material that checks all the boxes for the well-rounded construction of any unique building design.