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Onyx is ideal as an accent piece for your contemporary interior. Stunning and translucent, it creates a dramatic impact in any space, especially when backlit. Softer than granite or marble, onyx is best used as an attention-grabbing highlight.

Onyx’s gorgeous patterns and colours look fantastic in entranceways, backsplashes in bathroom and kitchens or a feature wall in your living areas.

Our onyx is sourced from a leading European distributor of natural stone to ensure cost-effective pricing and high quality.


Arco Iris
Large Slabs
17 & 20 mm

Elevate your contemporary interior with the captivating beauty of Royaleson’s onyx collection. This stunning onyx stone is known for its unique patterns and rich colors, making it the perfect accent piece for any space. When backlit, the translucent nature of onyx rock creates a dramatic visual impact, adding an air of luxury to your home.

Ideal for entranceways, bathroom and kitchen backsplashes, or as a feature wall in your living areas, our onyx slabs for sale bring an attention-grabbing highlight to your design. Sourced from a leading European distributor of natural stone, Royaleson’s onyx ensures both high quality and cost-effective pricing, making it an excellent choice for those seeking to add a touch of opulence to their living spaces.

Technical Features

  • Stunning patterns and colours
  • Neutral and warm tones
  • Translucent
  • Luxurious