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English Style Herringbone


English herringbone adds classical elegance to your home with a modern range of English oak floorboards, engineered to give you the look and feel of solid wood planks without the expense. For centuries, herringbone parquet was a favourite in stately homes and palaces. Today, it looks just as impressive in contemporary interiors, bringing a timeless warmth to any space.

In the past, laying herringbone floors was very labour intensive and required extremely accurate cutting, resulting in a lot of material waste. Our floorboards are made from two layers of wood, precisely machined into ready-to-lay planks. Each slat comes with a pre-cut tongue-and-groove system, making the laying process easy and waste-free

Why Choose English Herringbone Floorboards?

Precise trimming
The boards are trimmed at an accurate 90-degree angle, making it
easy to achieve the parquet pattern
Quality materials
Only the highest quality natural wood – such as oak – is used for this
type of floor finish
Customise your look
A wide range of colours, made possible both in the finish with oil-wax and varnish,
open up a world of possibilities
Three layers of oil-wax
A beautiful finish that protects the wood while enhancing its natural look.
The oil-wax impregnates deeply into the wood, making it extremely
resistant to abrasion. If damage does occur, the piece can simply be replaced
Seven layers of varnish
Cured with UV light, this finish is highly resistant to abrasion and has a permanent
highly-polished look
The wood is visually aged, emphasising its natural structure and beauty
A bevel is applied to the edges of the boards. It provides the effect of extending the floor and gives it a characteristic appearance.


Herringbone Oak Bleached
150 x 750 mm
14 mm
Herringbone Oak Exclusive
150 x 750 mm
14 mm
Herringbone Oak Latte Macchiatto
150 x 750 mm
14 mm
Herringbone Oak Nature
150 x 750 mm
14 mm
Herringbone Oak Satin Grey
150 x 750 mm
14 mm
Herringbone Oak Thermo
150 x 750 mm
14 mm

Floor Finish

At Royaleson, our dedication to style, quality, and service translates into a magnificent array of herringbone tile options. These tiles, loved for their elegance and sophistication, have the unique ability to transform any living space, giving it an aesthetic that marries contemporary appeal with a touch of tradition. Our commitment to providing versatile solutions means you can choose the perfect herringbone flooring that compliments your interior decor, breathing life into your dream space.

Of course, the beauty of our collection extends beyond the surface. Not only do we offer herringbone tiles, but also oak herringbone flooring, a firm favourite among our clientele. With the English Style Herringbone as our standout product, we champion the herringbone floor pattern’s characterful aesthetic, mirroring the inherent charm of oak in a style that is distinctly elegant. With Royaleson, transforming your home is more than just a renovation; it’s an experience, a journey, and a testament to your personal style.