First be Best, Then be First


Sardinia is a holiday paradise for tourists, a place famous for its excellent cuisine and kind people. For lovers of beautiful interiors, however, this island is important for one more reason. It is here that the extraordinary Crema Veneziana marble is mined, which decorates elegant houses and apartments.

It all started in Orosei

The picturesque town of Orosei in Sardinia has been known for many years among natural stone lovers all over the world. It is here that the renowned Marmo di Orosei quarry, founded in 1969 by brothers Ivo and Leandro Ratti, is located. 

Today, this place is run by the next generation of the Ratti family. The technology of marble extraction and production has changed, but the beauty of marble slabs has not changed. The quarry is often referred to as Daino, a fallow deer from the deer family living in Sardinian forests. When nearly 40 years ago, when Ivo and Leandro Ratti excavated the first blocks of stone, the marble layers formed an image resembling a fallow deer skin.


Kitchen/Bathroom countertops, fireplaces, window sills, floors, stairs, walls
Country of origin
Hard (5-6 on the Mohs scale)
Large Slabs / 20 and 30 mm