First be Best, Then be First


In the past, outstanding artists created their works there. Today, it is an inseparable element of the design of the most representative and elegant interiors. 

Timeless marble – its white, classic version is considered the most desirable. Although the heyday of marble’s popularity did not fall until the Renaissance, the beauty of this precious stone was appreciated already in antiquity. It was especially liked by sculptors and architects of monumental buildings of that time. 

Nowadays, it has become one of the favorite finishing materials in the hands of interior architects who appreciate its timeless elegance and an extremely wide range of decorative possibilities. Coming from the deposits of the Italian Carrara quarry, white marble fits perfectly both in classic combinations and in more modern arrangements, characterized by minimalism and monochromatic colors.  Thanks to its universal, subdued colors, we can equally interestingly complement an ascetic, post-industrial space or an eclectic interior with lots of decorations and knick-knacks


Black graphite, dark/light gray
Kitchen/Bathroom countertops, fireplaces, window sills, floors, stairs, walls
Country of origin
Hard (5-6 on the Mohs scale)
Large Slabs / 20 and 30 mm